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YES we can get you married quickly.

Please marry me quickly

For some couples, due to personal circumstances, they want to be married as soon as legally possible.

We can marry you in just one month as long as you complete the Notice of Intended Marriage form, (click here for the form). Then have it witnessed at a police station, and then email it through to and your waiting period starts from the date we receive it. As long as we get it by midnight then that is the day it starts. You don't even have to pay anything yet, but it gets the notice period started. This is the most important document of your wedding, if it is not delivered to the celebrant, (us) the waiting period does not start. This form can be posted or electronically sent.


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We can complete the Notice of Intended Marriage for you and we can also assist with the paperwork required by the Department of Immigration for visa purposes.

Marry me quickly

Getting married with LESS than one months notice.

You can get approval for a Shortening of the Notice Period to be married and the Victorian Births Deaths & Marriages (BDM) section has a special form that must be submitted. Click HERE for the form. A celebrant must be involved in the process and we can handle that for you. There is a fee of $150 which includes the fee to BDM Victoria. There are only 5 criteria allowed for the shortening of the one months notice waiting period. Generally it is for job related issues, for example, having to move to a country where the spouse visa needs you to be married, medical reasons, eg, there may be a terminal illness with a spouse or family member, wedding plans have been made but you didn't know you had to have the form done. We can help you and guide you through the process.

We have many celebrants all over Melbourne, available any day, any time, to conduct your ceremony.