Registry Style Weddings in Melbourne

Have your wedding at our office chapel from just $295*


The wedding chapel

Our lovely chapel

We offer you a simple and intimate wedding, at our office chapel without the huge expense.

We are situated at 1 Queens Rd Melbourne, opposite Albert Park lake.

Our wonderful and intimate registry style wedding chapel

We are especially happy to be able to conduct weddings for everyone, whether you want to a Mr & Mrs, Mr & Mr, or Mrs & Mrs.

If you just want a very simple ceremony with just the required legal components, we can have you married in just a matter of minutes.

The office chapel is set up with beautiful floral displays and has a red carpet, black Bentwood chairs and a lovely spiral staircase for photos.

You are welcome to make an appointment to view the chapel before making your decision. We can also witness the legal paperwork at the same time if needed. The online calendar is on this page to view the chapel. The chapel will hold around 20-25 people comfortably, with 12 seated and the remaining guests standing.

The chapel is available 7 days per week, from 9am - 9pm. (Viewing by appointment please so you do not walk into a wedding. The viewing booking calendar is on this page)

We are an alternative to the Government Registry Office and our couples love that we are able to offer you so much more, be it the time of day for the ceremony or even the things you would like included in your ceremony. In many instances we are even cheaper than the Government Registry Office, yet our services can be so much more personal. All of our services are legally conducted with fully qualified celebrants. 

We ensure you will always have a celebrant for your chosen date and we choose the celebrant for you, the best celebrant, so it takes all the stress away for you.

After payment has been made, (credit/debit cards accepted), we then send you a questionnaire and can add your personal story about how you met or add personal vows you have written, or use the traditional vows. They are printed for you so you do not have to memorise them.

You MUST complete the Notice of Intended Marriage form and have it witnessed by us or at a police station. WE MUST RECEIVE THIS FORM A MINIMUM OF ONE MONTH  BEFORE YOU WISH TO BE MARRIED. 

CLICK HERE FOR THE FORM. You can make a quick and easy appointment with us to complete it, OR have it witnessed at the police station and then electronically send it to us and the waiting period commences. You do not have to pay anything at this point but it starts the process to enable you to be married.

FEES for a 5 minute short and intimate legals only ceremony:

Maximum 10 guests and a strict 30 minute booking.

Please note we use a standard ceremony and vows and play background music for you. We do not recommend this if you want a story told about how you met, the proposal etc, personal vows, or choosing your music.

Monday - Friday (excl public holidays)

At our office chapel                     $295

At your Home/venue                  $395

(Unlimited guests)   

Saturday-Sunday (excl public holidays)

At our office chapel                     $395

At your Home/venue                  $495 

(Unlimited guests)     

FEES for a Registry Style Wedding:

Maximum 25 guests and a 60 minute booking.

Please note we use a personalised ceremony after asking you to complete a questionnaire and play music for you that you have chosen. We recommend this if you have more than 10 guests and if you want a story told about how you met, the proposal, personal vows, etc.

Monday - Friday (excl public holidays)

At our office chapel                     $395

At your Home/venue                  $495   

(Unlimited guests)

Saturday-Sunday (excl public holidays)

At our office chapel                     $495

At your Home/venue                  $595 

(Unlimited guests)  

Additional Extras

Public Holiday Surcharge            $300 (excl NYE, Xmas Day)

Witnesses supplied by us $50 each to pay for travel etc

Certificate from Births Deaths & Marriages if you are doing a change of name or for Immigration visa purposes: $33 + postage

Additional surcharges apply for areas outside of Melbourne, for example Daylesford, and are discussed on an individual basis.

So the 3 easy steps to be married are:

Step 1: Complete the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) here and have it witnessed with us or at a police station or Doctor. (NOT a chemist. The form gives examples of who can witness the form) You can use the booking calendar on this page to book a time to come and sign the form with us if you prefer.

Step 2: If you wish to be married ASAP scan and email the document to us and the one month waiting period commences the date the email arrives.  (Or take multiple pics and text through to 0473 026 924.) Quick and easy.

YOU MUST post the original NOIM to us at:

Registry Style Weddings

Suite 810/1 Queens Road

Melbourne 3004.

Please also include photocopies of passports and divorce/death certificates if you have been previously married. We will need to sight the original documents before the wedding date or on the wedding day.

Step 3: Choose your date, time, and where you want to be married and we then invoice after that.

We accept the NOIM and your booking date and time even before being paid, we do make it that easy.

Please use the booking calendar if you would like to sign your paperwork or view the chapel.

The registry style wedding is designed for when you are having something personal and intimate. Whilst it may not suit a larger scale weddings we can certainly help you with that and we can discuss this on an individual basis. Please discuss with us if you wish to include a small personal story about how you met and personal vows. We are happy to design something that suits just what you are looking for.

For information about the legal work required to be married click HERE.



Our Chapel is at One Queens Road Melbourne. (Suite 810).  Or we can conduct the ceremony at your home or elsewhere.


TEL: 0473 026 924

We can answer your questions 7 days a week 9am-9pm. Please don't hesitate to call, we are happy to help you.


If you would like to view the chapel or to sign your legal paperwork, please make a booking time that suits you the best. Bookings are essential to ensure a wedding is not interrupted.


Let's Chat.

Use this form to contact us regarding your wedding. 

We only use qualified experienced celebrants to ensure your wedding is conducted according to the Australian Marriage Act 1961. 

Partner's Name *
Partner's Name
Partner's Name
Partner's Name
Type of Ceremony *
Please let us know the type of ceremony you prefer
If you have multiple dates please let us know. We will be able to source a great celebrant for you on any day and any time.
Where would you like the ceremony to be held. Our office chapel, your home, a park, beach etc. We can help with ideas.
You can use our lovely office registry chapel at no additional expense.
Number of guests (approximate)
Giving us an idea of the number of guests will help us when looking at the type of ceremony that may suit.
Let us know any additional information required. For example if one partner is currently residing overseas.

Call us now on 0473 026 924 or use the contact form.           

You can call us 7 days per week 9am-9pm


St Kilda Rose Garden, St Kilda Botanic Gardens.

St Kilda Rose Garden, St Kilda Botanic Gardens.

Ideas for where to hold the wedding. 

Some areas/venues require a permit or fee. Speak to us about free areas

Your Home

We are able to conduct the ceremony in your home or a family or friend's home which can then enable you to host them afterwards.

St Kilda Botanic Gardens

The Rose Garden at the St Kilda Botanic Gardens are beautiful and there is a lovely gazebo which makes for a great backdrop to your photos. 

Yarra Valley

Imagine a small intimate ceremony in one of Australia's premier wine areas followed by lunch at the winery for your guests. 

Treasury & Fitzroy Gardens

There are many spots available in these gardens, from the JFK Memorial, to the Old Bandstand, which has an undercover area as a wet weather option.  

Mornington Peninsula

From Rosebud to Sorrento and Portsea there are some magnificent spots available on the beach or at a venue. 

The Old Bandstand, Fitzroy Gardens Melbourne. Photo by Tony Bridge Photography

The Old Bandstand, Fitzroy Gardens Melbourne. Photo by Tony Bridge Photography

JFK Memorial, Treasury Gardens Melbourne

JFK Memorial, Treasury Gardens Melbourne


When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.
— Nora Ephron, as said by Billy Crystal in "When Harry Met Sally"