Registry Style Wedding


Type of Ceremonies & Legal Work

Your Home

When having a wedding at your home you may like to have it just before lunch or later in the afternoon so that you can then put on a lunch, dinner, BBQ etc for your guests. Many couples also make this a surprise for their guests who may be coming for a birthday celebration, Australia Day BBQ for example. We are specialists in helping you you plan ideas. (Additional costs apply for public holidays and night-time weddings)


Melbourne has some amazing and beautiful gardens available for small weddings. Permits are NOT required for some of them and we can help you with that.

Legal Work

There are THREE stages of legal work to be completed for you to be legally married in Australia and we manage all of that for you. Yes, we take the stress away. 

The most important legal document: The Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM). The NOIM must be to us no later than midnight one month before you wish to be married. For example if you want to married on January 15th then the form must be returned to us, (post, or hand delivered, or electronically) no later than midnight on December 15th. It must be signed by an authorised signatory, usually a celebrant, or a police officer. If one of the partners is overseas don't worry, only one needs to sign it for now.

Please note that once a wedding is booked in we are declining other weddings for your date and time. If the wedding is cancelled or rescheduled earlier than one month before the wedding 50% of the fee will be refunded. If the wedding is cancelled or rescheduled within one month before the wedding no refund can be made due to all the work that has been done as well as payments made.

Signing Table & Chairs

We can supply a signing table and 2 chairs to enable the marriage certificate to be signed. This is included in our fees.

Legal Identification Required

We MUST sight original passports or birth certificates and drivers licence or an identity document with a photo. If the birth certificate or identity document are in a foreign language they must be translated by an authorised translator.  Click HERE for a list of Australian Government translators. 

Venues around Melbourne

We have access to a number of venues around Melbourne that will allow a small ceremony to be held in their venues chapels or their gardens, which often allows for some lovely photo opportunities. Fees do apply for the venue, please enquire. (Example from $220)


All of our celebrants have their own PA system or Bluetooth speaker to enable you to play the ceremony music you have chosen. Some celebrants will source the music for you or you can supply it to have it played. Our celebrants will advise you about this when you are chatting with them. 


You are required to have two witnesses to sign the marriage certificate and register. They do not have to be Australian citizens or residents but must understand English. No identification is needed from them.  We can supply them at an additional cost of $50 each to allow for their time and travel costs.